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Create and Share NFTs in the Alien Worlds Metaverse!

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Alien Worlds is a game where you can create and share NFTs with other players, building and growing your community in the Metaverse!

Join fellow community members in helping others learn to create, share and thrive while playing this blockchain-based game!

Let your imagination free!

Alien Worlds Art Collab 1 Artists Announced

Four artists have been selected from the Metaverse to create official game cards in the Metaverse.
NFTs have been minted and will start dropping soon.

How will you use your #art cards?!

NEW OFFICIAL Alien Worlds NFT Game Cards!

New Ultra Rare Horrors NFTs!

New Art Collab 1 NFTs!

New Stawrlight NFTs!

How will you use your new official game cards?!

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Informal #Create Community Zoom Calls

Thinking about making NFTs and creating a community or adding your existing community, brand or collection to the Alien Worlds Metaverse? Come hang out with fellow community members playing Alien Worlds and see how to make NFTs on the WAX Blockchain through Atomic Hub and how to share NFTs to other players through EOSUSA Games. Join in to learn how to create and even brainstorm how to turn your NFTs into a game!

What will you #create in the Metaverse?